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Do Gerbils Get Car Sick? (Here’s The Answer)

Car sickness is a feeling of nausea, dizziness, or lightheadedness caused by the movement of a car, plane boat, or train when traveling. 

Humans experience this as well as other animals such as dogs, horses, cats, amphibians, and fish. The question is do gerbils get car sick as well when you travel with them? If so, what can you do to minimize or prevent it?

In this article, we answer these questions and more surrounding car sickness and traveling with your gerbil.

Do Gerbils Get Car Sick?

Gerbils do not typically get car sick. As long as you take the proper precautions and frequently check on your pet during your journey, traveling with a gerbil should be a piece of cake. 

For what to do before and during a long drive to make your gerbil as comfortable as possible, continue reading. 

How should I prepare to take a road trip with my gerbil?

Before embarking on a road trip with your gerbil, you will want to remove anything that could detach from a jostle or sharp turn from its cage or travel tank.

An accessory, such as a running wheel, could break off and harm your gerbil if you are not careful.

You might also consider removing the cage water dispenser, but if you do this, it is extremely important to keep your gerbil hydrated by providing plenty of water beforehand and during frequent stops.

What steps should I take during the trip to make sure my gerbil is comfortable?

Your gerbil will be more comfortable in a clean environment. Ensure you are cleaning out its cage or travel tank regularly, including switching out the bedding.

You should also make sure that the climate is not too hot nor too cold for your gerbil, and under no circumstances place your gerbil in direct sunlight.

Where should I keep my gerbil in the car while driving?

You should always keep your gerbil in your eyesight while driving. Although, it is best not to place your gerbil in the passenger seat as it may be more exposed to harm in the case of an accident or hard stop.

In addition, never put your gerbil in the trunk and beneath a seat where you will not be able to see your gerbil and respond to distress.

Ideally, place your gerbil’s cage or travel tank in the backseat where you have a clear view of it, and strap it into place with a seatbelt. 

What supplies should I bring when traveling in a car with my gerbil?

When traveling with your gerbil, you do not want to be caught without enough supplies, such as food, water, and bedding. 

Simply pack the same products you use at home for more familiarity for yourself and your gerbil. 

It is also a good idea to bring a covering for your gerbil’s cage or travel tank for times when direct sunlight is unavoidable or to keep the gerbil calm when there is surrounding commotion. 

Should I put my gerbil in its regular cage or a travel tank when driving in the car?

Both your gerbil’s regular cage and its travel tank are good options. A gerbil’s regular cage might be more familiar to them, and being larger, they will have more places for the gerbil to hide. 

Travel tanks tend to be a bit smaller, so it might be your better option if you have a compact car or otherwise not a ton of space in the car for its regular cage.

Travel tanks or carriers are also much easier to carry because they are small compared to your gerbil’s regular cage. 

When choosing a traveling carrier, ensure they have a lot of ventilation and are also secure to travel with.

The travel carrier should also have enough space for food and bedding placement.

The best gerbil travel carriers are the Living World Hagen Pet Carrier and the Katy Critter Trail Travel Habitat. These two travel carriers are durable, well-ventilated, lightweight, and portable.


Traveling with your gerbil can raise concerns whether your little pet experiences car sickness.

Motion sickness in gerbils is not experienced, however, knowing this fact about your gerbil you can still adequately prepare for a car ride without causing them stress because of various elements that occur during a car ride such as noise or sunlight.

Traveling with your gerbil forethought, to avoid this stress. Therefore ensure you are well prepared for a car trip with them.

Planning ahead will ensure your journey is not stressful but comfortable and safe for your gerbil.


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